Taqadum Party threatens withdrawal over Parliament Speaker appointment

Taqadum Party threatens withdrawal over Parliament Speaker appointment

Shafaq News/ On Tuesday, the Taqadum party, led by former Parliament Speaker Mohammed al-Halboosi, warned that it would withdraw the party's representatives from both the government and the Parliament and Iraq's entire political process if the position of the Speaker of Parliament is granted to a candidate from outside the party.

Anwar al-Alwani, a prominent leader within the party, told Shafaq News Agency that the Taqadum party "holds reservations regarding any candidate from outside the party assuming the role of Parliament Speaker." 

Al-Alwani explained, "There is a political and constitutional entitlement, and there is a political tradition based on which the three presidencies in Iraq, including the Parliament Speaker, are formed, and it is part of Taqadum's share due to its parliamentary Sunni majority (43 seats.)."

Al-Alwani stressed that "bypassing this political tradition and entitlement would be unacceptable," asserting that "political forces cannot overlook Taqadum's claim to the Parliament Speaker position and favor the Sunni minority due to political rivalries."

The Taqadum member indicated a readiness for the party "to take drastic measures, including withdrawal from Parliament, the government, and the entire political process, depending on agreements between political forces."

On Monday, an informed political source revealed to Shafaq News Agency that the Shiite Coordination Framework (which has the parliamentary majority) would vote for Salih Al-Issawi as Parliament Speaker.

Al-Issawi is not a member of Taqadum.

The source revealed that the recent Framework meeting resulted in two significant decisions: Firstly, the nomination process will not be reopened. Secondly, the election for the Speaker of the House of Representatives will proceed to the second round before the end of the legislative term.

The source pointed out that "the meeting approved to hold the election session next week, and the Framework blocs will vote in favor of Salem Al-Issawi to become the new Speaker of the House of Representatives."

The Federal Supreme Court, the highest judicial authority in Iraq, decided on November 14, 2023, to end the membership of Parliament Speaker Mohammed al-Halboosi. Then, the Iraqi Parliament officially terminated his membership on November 21, 2023.

On January 13, the Iraqi Parliament held an extraordinary session to choose the new Speaker. The first round of voting ended with the victory of the "Taqadum" party's Shaalan al-Karim with 152 votes out of 314. MP Salem Al-Issawi followed him with 97 votes, MP Mahmoud Al-Mashhadani with 48 votes, MP Amer Abduljabbar with six votes, and MP Talal Al-Zobaie with one vote.

However, due to verbal altercations inside the council hall, the session was adjourned without completing the election process, and no other session was held.

Since then, the political blocs have been unable to agree on a replacement for him, with each side wanting to nominate someone from their group.

Despite al-Halboosi's Taqadum Party insists on retaining the position because it holds the parliamentary majority within the Sunni component, his opponents from the Sovereignty (Al-Siyada), al-Azm, and Resolve (Al-Hasm) blocs believe that the position is the right of the component without being bound by a specific political title.

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