Taqadum Party reveals latest developments in Parliament Speaker election

Taqadum Party reveals latest developments in Parliament Speaker election

Shafaq News/ Iraq's Progress Party (Taqadum) on Tuesday provided updates on the ongoing efforts to elect a new Speaker of Parliament, stating that a decision is expected soon after the Eid Al-Adha holiday.

Burhan Al-Fahd, a member of the Party, told Shafaq News Agency that "negotiations are ongoing regarding the election of the Speaker of Parliament. However, progress has been slow due to the legislative recess and the upcoming Eid holiday."

Al-Fahd added that "intensive discussions will resume after the Eid holiday," stressing that "this position is a rightful claim of our Party and cannot be relinquished."

Regarding the potential for maintaining Mahmoud Al-Mashhadani as the candidate or amending parliamentary rules to nominate a new candidate, Al-Fahd stated that "everything depends on the forthcoming dialogues. We may reopen nominations or continue to support Al-Mashhadani. All options are on the table."

On May 21, the Coordination Framework, representing Shia political forces, reaffirmed its opposition to amending parliamentary rules to reopen nominations for the Speaker position.

On May 18, an Iraqi parliamentary session aimed at electing a new Speaker failed to produce a winner after multiple voting rounds.

In the second round, Salem Al-Issawi of the Sovereignty Alliance (Al-Siyada) received 158 votes, Mahmoud Al-Mashhadani of the Taqadum Party garnered 137 votes, and Amer Abdul-Jabbar received three votes, with 13 invalid ballots. The session descended into chaos, culminating in a physical altercation between lawmakers.

The scene was reminiscent of the January 3, 2024, session, marked by heated exchanges and physical confrontations.

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