The Parliament discusses setting a new salaries scale and shutting down embassies in its reform package

The Parliament discusses setting a new salaries scale and shutting down embassies in its reform package

Shafaq News / The Parliamentary Finance Committee has submitted an economic reform package that includes quick solutions to the crisis, a new payroll system and suspending the work of some embassies in Iraq.

A statement of the Media Department of the Council of Representatives received by Shafaq News stated, "the financial committee headed by Haitham Al-Jubouri, head of the committee, held a meeting in which they discussed the economic and financial reforms paper that they prepared. The committee hosted the General-Manager of the Iraqi Company for Banking Services."

The Finance Committee in the meeting it held in its headquarters, "reviewed the items of the reform measures package on the financial and economic levels. It included quick solutions to confront the economic crisis that the country is going through, maximize the state's non-oil resources and optimal investment of services at border outlets and establish a national telecommunications company."

The reforms also include setting a new salary scale, reviewing all the entitlements granted previously while taking into account the economic situation, encouraging the employees to work in the private sector, as well as revitalizing the industrial and agricultural sectors, protecting investors and building major strategic projects that achieve huge revenues for the state treasury.

The list of reforms also encompasses, "suspending the embassies and attachés in countries with which Iraq does not have any diplomatic, commercial or cultural representation, obliging the government to adopt the biometric fingerprint in the process of salaries and financial grants disbursement, and coordinate with the concerned authorities to check the numbers and grades of real employees."

In its second meeting, the Financial Committee hosted the General Director of the Iraqi Banking Services Company and the accompanying staff, to discuss the nature of the company's work and the mechanisms it follows in transferring money to banks.


The Finance Committee directed the company to "adopt the latest technological methods in securing the transfer of money through fortified cars and protecting them from theft, as well as providing the committee with all the priorities required for purchasing the company's new headquarters."


The Finance Committee affirmed its support for any reform measures by the company to combating corruption and hold corrupts accountable and emphasized the need to investigate all corrupt acts to preserve public money.

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