Iraq: 2020 budget to be send to the Parliament

Iraq: 2020 budget to be send to the Parliament

Shafaq News / On Saturday, a parliamentary source revealed the most prominent paragraphs of the country's general budget for the year 2020.

According to Shafaq News Agency sources, the most prominent items in the budget are:

·        Allocating 50% of the revenues of the border crossings to the governorates in which these ports are located.

·        Paying the end of service gratuity to former army employees, provided that one payment does not exceed 10 million dinars.

·        Activating the five-year paid vacation


It is scheduled that the Iraqi Council of Ministers will refer the 2020 budget to Parliament for the discussing and voting on its provisions.


According to the Finance Committee, the draft budget law will be limited to the months of September, October, November and December.


Iraq did not approve the financial budget due to the resignation of the previous government at the beginning of this year due to the unprecedented popular protests, and then the outbreak of the Corona epidemic in the country, which caused a financial crisis that resulted from a significant drop in oil prices.

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